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Client Representation Philosophy

Eric C. Lang’s General Background

Helping people we care about solve problems and achieve goals is more than just a "ten-word" mission statement. I believe that every legal matter presents a problem, the solution to which depends entirely on defining goals. If the problem is a $50,000 lawsuit, and a win costs $100,000, then winning might not be the solution. When client and counsel focus on a goal and not just an outcome, everyone can win.

After graduating first in his law school class from the University of Florida in 1990, Mr. Lang practiced with Long, Aldridge & Norman (n/k/a Dentons).  He left partnership there in 1998 to join Paul Hastings and formed his current firm in 2003.  His practice is devoted to serving the business-related litigation and general counseling needs of companies and individuals who desired sophisticated services but were outside of the target market of the larger firms. He has handled a wide range of matters, ranging from multi-million-dollar litigation to simple business formation. Further details can be found at About Eric C. Lang.






















Core Competencies

Lang Legal has three practice emphases: dispute resolution, business representation, and consulting attorney. Though these practice areas are explored in depth on the corresponding pages, they can be briefly summarized as follows:

  • Dispute Resolution:  Jury trials, non-jury trials, and arbitrations taken fully to verdict or award. Motion practice and oral argument resulting in dismissal or judgment in advance of trial. Pre-litigation counseling and negotiation resulting in early endings to disputes. Broad subject matter litigation experience including contracts, insurance, real property, technology, business duties and breakups, intellectual property, executive/managerial employment disputes, and technology.

  • Business Representation: Agreements, including employment agreements, purchase/sale agreements, rights transfers, and various corporate documents.

  • Consulting Attorney: Brief / pleading writing and assistance; focused legal research; trial preparation; training.


Important Note About This Website

I have made every effort to link statements on these pages to court decisions, filed pleadings, public presentations, news accounts and other appropriate sources because I want you to know that I'm not "just saying" things. Please follow the provided links. I can tell you that I've left what I hope are some entertaining "easter eggs" behind some of those links (by which  I  mean, things to cause laughter which are not at all serious).