The Role of Facial Expression In Persuasion

People often ask what is behind Mr. Lang's courtroom success.  The answer is simple, and wholly whimsical:  he can change his face in any instant to whatever the situation calls for.  Outtakes from the photo-shoot for this website demonstrate this completely tongue-in-cheek point. (In case it wasn't clear already, this page is humor-only. Or at least attempted humor-only.)



This look of doubt and question is designed to cause a witness to rethink dubious testimony.

The witness, however, refuses to give in.  This is the time to throw in a sly half smile, attempting to get the witness to realize the testimony is so false that is is almost humorous.


Now the witness is in serious trouble. Daggers sent from eyes below a furrowed brow will certainly break the witness's psyche.

The witness breaks. The jury is brought in on the witness's collapse with a knowing and victorious smile.


Opposing counsel is taking liberties with the fact. A serious stare at the Judge always fixes things.

The look while sitting at counsel's table did not do the trick.  So stand up, cross arms indignantly, and deliver the most serious stare imaginable.  That will show the Court how right you are, and how wrong the other side is.


Make the legal argument, and drive it home with a rock solid countenance.  Stay firm in that position, because victory will be yours.


If you are interested in learning how to do something, anything with your outtakes, or if you thing making faces actually does something, just reach out.  We'd be glad to work with you.