What We Do

Law firms and lawyers sometimes need a fresh set of eyes, or extra capacity, but are reticent to hire additional counsel because of the business risks associated with such a hire. The Lang Legal Group provides services directly to lawyers and law firms and will not interfere with client relationships. Consider hiring Lang Legal for the following types of situations:


· Legal research and writing, including the drafting of briefs and memoranda, for review and approval by filing counsel. 

· Factual analysis, through creation of detailed timelines and summaries.

· Trial and hearing planning and preparation, in support of appearing counsel.

· Attorney training, including traditional in-house speaking on specific subjects, and, specifically structured seminars and simulations.



Rates are set to allow the law firm to be as profitable as it would be if the work were done by law firm employees. With respect to training, traditional “training by speaking” is generally complimentary, with other methods priced based on the assignment.



Law Firm Support Services

Consulting Services for Businesses and Individuals

You should always take comfort in the fact that, in general, it is not our goal to become your lawyer. We want to help you make good decisions, and those decisions may involve mutual conclusions that either you don’t need a lawyer at all, or that you don’t want us to act as your lawyer. Indeed, you might prefer a counselor who has no financial stake whatsoever in whether, or how much, you use a lawyer. Indeed, we do not engage in the representation of clients for purely legal services. We prefer an approach that helps you identify risks and goals, and to support your choice of solutions. Services along these lines include:


· Risk identification in transactions.

· Cost analysis of disputes.

· Neutral research (jury; judge; arbitrator) to be used in predicting outcomes.

· Contract tracking and management.



Our rates for these services are generally below the same rates that law firms charge for the same services.